Project Remix

Project RemixOnce a song is written, you can't unwrite it. What if it's not so great?


As a teen, you get to start making some decisions that will affect the direction your life is headed. Until you're a full on adult, though, your parents call most of the shots. Most parents do a great job, but some they make poor decisions. There are many LGBTQIA teens who find themselves thrown out, kicked out, or decide to leave on their own. Then life gets really hard. Maybe they can't go back, or worse, maybe not having a home is better than the one they left.

Here are some of the realities that youth on the street face:

  • quitting school
  • no car
  • no money or job
  • no food
  • stealing, robbing and other crimes
  • violent assault
  • sexual assault/rape
  • exposure to HIV, hepatitis & other diseases
  • alcohol & drug abuse/addiction
  • having sex for money, food or shelter
  • forced prostitution
  • kidnapping
  • death

The sad reality is that there are a lot of people who prey on others, especially those who are young and vulnerable.

Hatch Youth's Project Remix was started in 2011, with aid from The Diana Foundation, OutReach United and Houston Rescue and Restore Coalition, to identify and assist homeless and at-risk LGBTQIA teens and young adults in the Houston area with getting off the streets and into more stable and affirming living environments. We conduct street outreach, which means interacting with youth about their situation, asking the right questions, and most important--gaining trust (remember, there are predators out there!). We help youth find food, shelter, medical attention if they need it, and other expert resources that help youth get their lives back on track. Also, we work with law enforcement to respond to abuse situations and rescue minors. It's important that our outreach workers and volunteers are also young sexual minorities, otherwise our efforts wouldn't work.

You can't rewrite history, but you can remix your life!


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